Crisis Management and Public Relations

Mine operators fulfill the needs of humankind and uplift civilization from grinding poverty, thereby creating untold benefits for humanity.

Market economics and business acumen dictate that mine operators abhor accidents. The financial incentives alone easily explain why mine accidents are costly for business. Nevertheless, in all human endeavors accidents tragically occur. To this end, mine accidents are often covered by unsophisticated media who make emotional arguments because of preexisting agendas, but who are unqualified to speak on substantive issues. Because of such intellectual dishonesty, mine operators often have their voices silenced. The result is a one-sided predetermined narrative in the public information realm.

Communication tactics, like all tactics, work equally for every party. I utilize a substantive and aggressive approach that deconstructs opposing agendas, while employing the exact tactics of the opposition.

Combating predetermined narratives and biases requires professional analysis that reconciles facts with events. Otherwise, fabricated narratives will unfortunately prevail.

In addition to the potential legal and administrative consequences arising from mine accidents, the public relations impact can have an equally consequential influence on a business’ bottom line. Getting ahead of media narratives will preserve and maintain share value, as well as public perception.

Organizations can stovepipe information, i.e. not share with those who can be of assistance. A need to share with and enlist the services of trusted and qualified professionals is critical to mission success.

By teaming with your organization, I can provide assistance with minor projects such as press releases, messaging, and public events, as well as developing and implementing larger communications strategies.

Crisis Management and Public Relations February 2, 2015

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