Regulatory Advocacy and
Administrative Law

The Regulatory Advocacy and Administrative Law component of my practice focuses on MSHA rulemaking and administrative law. This includes Notice and Comment Rulemaking – drafting comments and preparing clients for MSHA public hearings, thereby influencing and helping to develop public policy.

By monitoring policy developments at MSHA, I advise clients on the best strategies to elevate regulatory issues in the agency. To this end, I maintain deep mining industry contacts, in addition to scientific and technical professionals. Advancing a regulatory issue from the bureaucrat level to the political is critical to shifting the political functions of the agency. This allows industry clients, or entities that are impacted by MSHA rulemaking, to halt or modify a proposed rule.

Providing clarification and/or interpretation of a MSHA regulation is another manner in which I advise clients of the impact a regulation can have on their operations.

Additionally, I also advise and prepare clients who seek a Petition for Modification of a MSHA Standard, i.e. obtaining a variance to a MSHA regulation.

Regulatory Advocacy and Administrative Law February 2, 2015

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